Working With Your Insurance Company

Insurance Claims Adjuster

After a damaging rain and hail storm, you will have to work with your insurance company to have them cover some of the cost to repair or replace your roof. If you have not had to interface with your insurance company yet, we will give you some pointers and how to get the most out of the company you have been paying your premium to for months or years. You did your part, now it’s time for them to do theirs.

Assess the Damage Before You Call Your Insurance Company

hail damage to roof shingles

First of all, if you’ve experienced a hail storm that had hailstones that were close to an inch or more in diameter, then you should get a roofer out to look at your roof rather than climbing up there yourself. A professional roofer is trained to assess the damage to your roof, so he will recognize roof damage more easily than the homeowner would. Most roofers, including Lubbock Roof Repair, will give you a free estimate so you will have a starting place from which to work with your insurance company.

Your insurance company will likely send an adjuster to look at your roof as well, but the job of assessing the damage to your roof is a bit of a conflict of interest, in our opinion. Besides, if you have hail damage then so do all your neighbors, or the whole region, so adjusters are probably a bit busy. Busy adjusters can make hasty inspections, so they may overlook some damage that a more thorough inspection would uncover. That is how your inspector’s estimate of damages may differ from our inspection.

Not to worry though. We work with your insurance adjuster. If we see damage that they did not include on their report, then we document it, send them proof of the damage, and ensure that the insurance company includes said damage.

Is It Too Late For Me To Make an Insurance Claim?

If you didn’t experience any noticeable roof leaks after a hail storm, and did not make an insurance claim right away, no problem. You usually have 12 months to make your claim. If the one year mark since the most damaging hailstorm is approaching, then you still have time to get your insurance company to do their part. Call us so we can schedule an inspection for you.

Do I Have Too Select the Lowest Bidder?

Your insurance company may recommend one or two roofers that the prefer to work with, but you are not obligated to use those roofers, even if it’s us. You as the homeowner may choose whichever company you prefer, regardless of the price they have bid. Most roofers will bid close to the same amount. Some differences may be in roofing materials quality or cost of laborers. Basically, you get what you pay for. If you choose a lower cost bid, then you are likely getting lower quality workmanship or materials.

One thing to keep in mind is that the insurance company will not pay more than the invoice from the roofer. If the allowance was for $4500, and you choose a roofer that only invoices you for $4000, you don’t get to keep the extra $500. The insurance company pays based on the invoice, not their allowance.

Long story, short – go with a quality roofer, not one that seems cheaper.

A Word About Your Insurance Deductible

There is one more thing that homeowners need to remember. Deductibles MUST be paid by the homeowner. Failing to do so is against Texas law. Although it will be the roofer, not the homeowner who gets in hot water, there’s no reason to choose a roofer who is willing to commit insurance fraud in order to get more business. Read our article about the amendment to this law that took effect in 2019.