Winter Storm URI

Winter Storm URI - Feb 2021

This years’ winter storm Uri disrupted giant swaths of the country, and hit Texas harder than most can remember. In fact, it was the first time ever that all 254 counties in Texas were simultaneously under a winter storm warning. Snow was falling and accumulating in areas that in the past rarely or never saw any accumulation. As the southernmost parts of Texas were freezing and enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime snow, the Plains were immersed in freezing temperatures and snowstorms for an entire week. Electricity blackouts and water stoppages exacerbated the circumstances.

When the temperatures finally broke above freezing, and the snow began to melt away, home and business owners anxiously emerged to inspect the damage. Here are some negative impacts on Lubbock roof caused by Uri.

Ice In the Gutters

Ice dams can cause serious damage to the gutters on your home. If the dams become large, ice will accumulate under your shingles above your gutter causing them to loosen or fall out, contributing to roof leaks. The best way to prevent ice dams is to keep your gutters clear of leaves, twigs and other debris before the winter weather arrives. If ice dams already formed, use a de-icing agent or heated gutter cable to clear the ice.

Chimneys and Other Structures

Structures that protrude through your roof are often a source of problems, especially during extreme weather, including extreme rain, heat, or cold. Brick structures are particularly vulnerable from freezing temperatures and ice. As temperatures rise and fall, bricks and mortar expand and contract, giving way to cracks in the bricks, or gaps between the brick and mortar. Water seeping into these cracks or gaps freezes and expands. Eventually, that melted ice can leak into the inside of the roof.

Ice and Snow on Tree Branches

During Uri, ice and snow accumulated heavily on trees around Lubbock, inevitably causing many to break under the weight. Tree branches are usually heavier than they look, and with the addition of ice and snow they can cause serious damage to a roof. If there are fallen branches in your yard, it is a possibility that they fell on your roof before falling to the ground. When weather permits, inspect your roof for holes, dips or branches still remaining on your roof – better yet, call our professional roofers to inspect your roof.