Why Not Use Faster, Time Saving Nail Guns?

Roofer using nail gun on shingles

Most roofing company laborers get paid by the square, not by the hour, so nearly every roofer out there will look for ways to get a shingle down as fast as humanly possible. If you have been around a neighborhood when a roofer is working on a roof, you hear that signature sound of nail guns shooting nails into the roof – THUMP THUMP THUMP. Then again, THUMP THUMP THUMP.

The Problem With Nail Guns

What you probably don’t hear is the thumping pausing for any reason. That’s because the roofer isn’t stopping to look at the quality of the nail insertion. He just moves on as if every nail goes in exactly right. You can imagine what’s going on in his head – “got a shingle down, getting paid – got another shingle down, getting paid”.

The problem with that is that nail guns aren’t perfect, and the wood panels receiving the nails are not evenly dense. Sometimes, a nail goes in slightly at an angle, or the wood is a bit denser, or a variety of other reasons that would cause variations in nail depth. But the roofer has already moved on the next one with no regard for quality, certainly not perfection.

Hammers Are the Solution

Hammers, not nail guns

Our residential roof teams don’t use nail guns to nail down shingles – AT ALL. Each nail is nailed in by hand with a hammer, to just the right depth. Why do we do that? Doesn’t it cost more? Or isn’t it a waste of time, since there are nail guns? We do that because perfection in laying down a shingle is utterly important.

If the nail is not flush with the shingle, then wind storms take advantage of that gap. The shingle will flutter with the wind, enlarging the nail hole, loosening the nail even more, and then eventually rip off and fly away. If the nail is gunned in too far, then the shingle is already being torn, and the next strong wind storm will cause the shingle to rip, exposing the underlayment and eventually to fly off in the wind.

We take pride in workmanship and a job done right the first time, even if it will cost us a little more and take a little longer. Our dedication to quality is why we have a 5 year workmanship guarantee. Wouldn’t you rather have a quality roof over your head the next time a storm blows through? We thought so. Call us, and find out what else sets us apart from the herd.