At Lubbock Roof Repair, our mission is to gain a new customer with every interaction. We aren’t looking for a roof replacement on every home we inspect – just a customer who will trust us this time and the next time. Sure, we are professionals who can handle any residential roofing replacement on any home or roof style in Lubbock, but you may not need a replacement. If all you need is some minor repairs, then that is what we will recommend.

If your roof is damaged severely enough that we recommend a roof replacement, rest assured that you are in good hands. Our roofing teams are experienced and thorough, and supervised by a courteous and professional expert roofer.

Residential Roof Repairs

Often, a repair is all that’s necessary to restore your roof to fully functional. After one of Lubbock’s notorious hail storms or wind storms, many roofs in the area will be missing shingles or have damaged shingles from the impact of large hailstones. Our residential roofing teams repair these minor issues quickly, but thoroughly.

After you call for a free estimate, one of our courteous and professional roofing supervisors will inspect your roof thoroughly and give you an honest evaluation and recommendation. We simply provide you the information, without hard sell or scare tactics. We want your business today, tomorrow and in the future, so we won’t push or pressure you.

Shingle Roof Repairs

The vast majority of roofs in the Lubbock area are asphalt shingle installations. Shingles are relatively cheap, last for many years, and are easy to repair. Most shingle roof repairs can be completed in a day, depending on the extent of the damage, of course.

Residential roofing repair - shingle roof

Shingle roofing repairs are often due to a few common problems. Here are some causes.

The most common cause of shingle roof issues is the severe weather we experience in Lubbock – extreme heat and sunshine of summer, freezing cold and occasional snow in the winter, hailstorms and wind storms. Our poor roofs take beatings all year ’round, and occasionally need some relief.

Another unfortunate cause of roof problems is hasty, improper installation by unqualified, inexperienced laborers. A shoddily installed or repaired roof will fail when subjected to windstorms or heavy rainstorms. A roofer who doesn’t take the time to install shingles correctly and thoroughly may misalign shingles, miss the shingle’s nailing line with their nail gun, or leave gaps in critical areas of the roof. The result? Shingles that tear and fly away in a wind storm or leak during a heavy rainstorm.

Some roof repairs are necessary due to the roofing materials. It may be that the shingles, underlayment or other component of your roof has sufficiently aged to the point that they are breaking down, allowing leaks into your home. Another possibility is that the roofing materials are of substandard quality, even if they are not that old. In either of these cases, a roof repair may not be the best solution, but rest assured that if a repair is all that’s needed, that is what we will recommend.

Tile Roof Repairs

Residential Roofing Repair - Tile Roof

We often see the need for tile roof repairs after a heavy hailstorm. Tiles have a long life, so a few broken tiles on your roof likely does not warrant a full replacement, simply repairing the problem areas of your roof.

A less easily seen issue with tile roofs are tiles that are sliding out of place due to buildup of debris under the tiles or loosening of the adhesive from the extreme heat and sun of Lubbock summers. These problems grow gradually, and are not so noticeable until you get a roof leak one day after a heavy rain. If you get a roof leak, call us right away before severe damage occurs to the interior of your home!

Metal Roof Repairs

Metal roofing is becoming more common and preferred by Lubbock homeowners. Although the initial expense may be higher than a typical shingle roof, the ease of maintenance, longevity and aesthetics of metal roofing often persuade homeowners to opt for these beautiful roofs.

Because of the design of metal roofs, repairs are not as simple as replacing missing or damaged shingles or tiles. On the other hand, metal roofs are not as susceptible to damages caused by the elements the way tile or shingle roofs are.

Most issues with metal roofing are related to age, extreme hail storms, shoddy installation or falling debris. A major factor in the long life of metal roofing is the coating/seal on the panels. Most major steel roof panel manufacturers employ a painted finishing process called Kynar 500® that gives your roof an expected 30 year lifespan. This durable finish protects the roof panels from normal wear and tear like rainstorms, heat and cold. It also keeps your roof looking glossy and beautiful for years.

Problems begin to occur when the Kynar 500® finish begins to fail. Exposure to severe hail storms can nick the finish. Falling debris such as heavy tree limbs can also damage the finish. Once the finish on the metal panels loses its integrity, rust spots are inevitable. It’s important to have your roof inspected after a hail storm to identify and remedy damage to the finish on your roof before further damage is done.

Metal roofing last for decades, but age will eventually take its toll. If you notice that your roof has faded in color, or you are beginning to notice spots on your roof, then it has probably lived past its expected 30 year life. You should consider replacing your roof now before leakage damages the inside of your home. If you aren’t sure how old your roof is, but you think it looks like it is becoming worn, call for a free assessment and estimate.

Residential Roof Replacement

With a roof replacement, you have the added benefit of choosing a roof style that you want. When we discuss replacing a roof with you, we will give you the information you will need to decide which style suits your needs, desires and budget. We will also work with your insurance company to maximize the dollar benefit you deserve.

We don’t expect you to decide right there on the spot. We give you time to think it over, consider the facts, decide what’s important to you in a roof, and choose the perfect roof for you. Our home roofing teams are experienced in a variety of roofs and can let you know which roofs would work best for your home style, taking into account what aesthetic best suits you.

Things to consider when replacing your aging roof with a new one…

  • homeowner association restrictions – not ever HOA will allow every kind of roof, so you have to be cognizant of restrictions and requirements placed by your HOA.
  • the style of your home – not all roofs look great on all homes so we can help you to choose one that fits your home’s style.
  • your budget – some roofs can be substantially more expensive in initial cost, so keep that in mind, but also keep in mind that a larger investment up front can lead to savings down the road.
  • what looks great to you – you are going to see this roof every day for a long time, so it has to be a roof you are proud to own.
  • existing roof structure under your old shingles/tiles/etc – not every roof style can be retrofitted on your existing structure – for instance, Spanish tile is far heavier than shingles, and would require more support structure to install on a home.
  • energy efficiency – some roofs provide better insulation and barrier against the elements than others, so if that is an important factor to you, we can prioritize that criteria.

Just to get your creative juices flowing, here are some kinds of roofs that we can install for you.

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Slate & synthetic slate
  • Wood shakes/shingles
  • Stone coated steel roof
  • Standing seam metal
  • Clay tile
  • Concrete tile
  • Copper awnings and dormers for added flair and style

So start thinking about what kind of roof suits you best. Give us a call and a helpful friendly roofer will guide you through the process of picking your perfect roof!