Lubbock plains hailstorm

West Texas dreads hail season. Cars get dented, crops get destroyed, roofs are pelted mercilessly. It’s no surprise, hail damage is just a rite of passage that the citizens of Lubbock and the surrounding areas have to deal with occasionally. Unfortunately, dealing with the aftermath of a hail storm can be expensive for homeowners. Serious damage is done to the roof of their mosts prized investment, their home. If the hailstone sizes are one inch diameter or more, then there’s a good chance your typical asphalt shingles have been damaged.

The Damage It Causes

hail damage roof shingles
Shingles exhibiting hail damage

The problem with hail hitting our roofs is not always so obvious. If you inspect your roof after a storm, your first impression might be that there wasn’t much damage. Even if you don’t see giant holes in your roof or missing shingles, you might still have a problem. The damage isn’t always obvious to the unexperienced or untrained.

What does hail damage look like? And how can I tell if my roof needs repairs? Great questions. Look at the picture here. The shingles don’t appear broken, just some black spots. Well, those black spots are bad news for two reasons.

  1. The black spots are the asphalt beneath the layer of granules (in this case grey ones). The granules provide the asphalt with protection from the harsh elements and the sun’s UV rays. When the asphalt is exposed like that, they break down much faster, decreasing your roof’s life.
  2. Impacts to the shingle that are massive enough to knock that many granules out can cause cracks on the back of the shingle. Where there are cracks, there are leaks. Again, no good for your roof.

Watch Out For Cheaters

Like death and taxes, it is inevitable that roof salesmen will canvass your neighborhood after a hailstorm. You may choose to work with one of them, or call a Lubbock roofer near me – it’s your choice. But beware of the Two Chucks in a Truck fellows offering no-deductible roof repair or even free roof repair. That is illegal, and accepting that offer may get you in hot water with your insurance company and the law. It’s insurance fraud. If you’re into reading boring insurance information, see our article about the legal changes that took effect in late 2019.

Consider this – if your roofer is willing to cheat your insurance company and break the law, then what’s to stop them from cheating you? Don’t trust them!

Can I Prevent Hail Damage?

There’s not much you can do about hail. It will come and go as it pleases. You can, however, choose shingles that are more resistant to hailstorms. A shingle’s resistance to blunt force impact is measured by an industry standard scale of impact resistance. The highest rating is Class 4 (or Class IV). To achieve a 4 rating, a shingle must withstand impacts of a two-inch diameter steel ball being repeatedly dropped from a height of 20 feet.

Although Class IV shingles are likely to be a bit more expensive than regular shingles, you may have a better performing roof for a longer time, which may be a more cost-effective choice in the long term. Your insurance company may also provide discounts on your premium if you choose to install Class IV shingles. Check with your insurance company to be sure.