If I have a roof leak, does that mean I should replace my entire roof?

No, certainly not. Leaks are often fixable with a repair to the affected area. Common sources of leaks are flashing around chimneys and cracked or missing shingles. These issues can usually be repaired without re-roofing your entire home. However, sometimes a leak is more serious, and may require a roof replacement. If you have a leak you should call for a free estimate from our qualified roof inspectors.

How long will a roof last?

A good rule of thumb is about 20 years, but lifetime is affected by many factors including type of roof, materials quality, workmanship, weather extremes, etc.

What type of roof should I install on my home?

That’s a really open-ended question with loads of answers. It really is about choice, your choice. To begin with, we won’t recommend a roof that isn’t right for your home, nor will we use inferior products. So no matter what you choose, you can be sure that the roof will be right for your home.

That being said, factors to consider are aesthetics, budget, home style, durability. We will work with you to identify what is important to you and present you several options that we think would work. Keep in mind that you will see this roof every day for a long time, so it has to be something you are proud of.

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When is it time to replace my roof?

This is a very popular question. The best answer would be provided by a qualified roof inspector, but you can do your own inspection to get a feel for how badly your roof need replacement.

External Inspection

If you intend to inspect your roof yourself, take every precaution to ensure your safety. Make sure your ladder is placed firmly on a stable ground. If you can, avoid walking on your roof, particularly if it is windy (when isn’t it?).

Misfigured shingles (curling or bucking) – If your shingles have begun to curl away from the roof, or warp from the middle of the shingle causing a bubble looking effect, then your roof definitely isn’t performing well. These are signs that the shingles have aged to much, have been exposed to too much extreme weather, or just aren’t good quality materials.

Cracked or Missing Shingles – These are often signs of wear caused by the weather. Cracked shingles may not be impact resistant and were damaged by hail. Missing shingles could be caused by high winds. Again, it also may be that the shingles are just not good quality. In any case, cracked or many missing shingles is likely a sign that your roof should be replaced.

Missing Granules – Shingle are mostly made up of little granules embedded in the asphalt of the shingle. When those granules start to come off from wear, then water is more likely to seep into your roof and cause damage. You can check your gutters for sand-like materials. The more of it you see, the more you need your roof replaced.

Internal Inspection From Your Attic

Inspect your roof from the attic

Inspecting your roof from your attic can be just as dangerous as from outside, maybe even more so. Be careful where you step, don’t step on insulation because you risk stepping directly through your ceiling, watch for electrical wiring, and be sure you have ample lighting.

Mold In the Attic – If you already have mold present in the rafters or supporting plywood under your roof, then it is likely that you’ve had a leak for a while. In this case, you likely need a roof system replacement.

Light Shining Through the Roof – Take a quick test from your attic. Take a bright flashlight, turn off the attic lights, and look for any streaks of light coming through the roof. You can be sure that if light is breaching your roof, so is water.

Streaks or Wet Spots – If the plywood or rafters have black streaks (water stains) or actual wet spots as you inspect, then your roof a problem.

Sagging Areas – If your roof is sagging, then that is probably a sign of recurring water leaks in that area. As water leaks in and moistens the plywood, it begins to rot and lose structural integrity. Not fixing the problem will just compound issues with your roof, attic and eventually the rest of you home. Address it now.

If your own inspection was inconclusive, or you are sure you need repairs or replacement, then call Lubbock Roof Repair at 806-583-0376 or fill out our Free Estimate Form and we’ll contact you to schedule an inspection.