If you have a commercial roof, particularly a flat roof, that is leaking, call our commercial roofers as soon as possible. A commercial roof repair will range from fairly simple to surprisingly complex. Deciding whether to repair or replace your flat roof depends on what caused the leak.

Flat commercial roof

Natural disasters are often the cause of leaks – hailstorms, heavy wind and rain, tornadoes. Other disasters that Lubbock need not worry about include hurricanes and earthquakes. Falling debris like tree branches can cause punctures in the roof seal. It may be that the roof is simply old or in bad condition, either from shoddy materials or lack of maintenance.

When a Repair Might Be In Order

After a natural disaster, building owners/facilities staff should inspect the roof to look for signs of damages, water pooling or debris that may have fallen on the roof. Even if you do not find obvious damage, be on the lookout for hints of leaks.

If you do find that there is leaking inside your building, the first step would be to inspect your roof for punctures or rips in the roof membrane, separation at the seams, or screws that are loose, missing or have popped out. Other areas of concern would be around vents, air conditioner units, flashing or other areas that break up contiguous roof membrane.

Note: Even if you feel you could repair the roof yourself, it’s best to let your roofing company make the repairs. DIY repairs could possibly invalidate any workmanship or material warranties that are still active.

Reasons For Commercial Roof Replacement

In the case of an aging roof that is long past its warranty period or just in really bad condition, a roof replacement is often a better choice.

Also, if extensive damage was caused to your roof, regardless of age, your roofer may recommended a full roof replacement.

If you have concerns about your roof, contact us by email, phone or form to schedule an inspection and estimate.