Beware of the Free Roof Repair Offer!

roof salesman knocking

If today you have a hail storm, then tomorrow you will have roof repair salesmen knocking on your door. It’s like clockwork. On the up side, it may save you from having to seek out a roofing company if your roof has in fact sustained some hail damage. On the down side, you must beware of salesmen hawking a free roof repair or a no deductible roof repair. That has been illegal for over 30 years, but now it is being enforced.

What’s Wrong With a No Deductible Offer?

The idea of the roofer giving you a discount that is equal to or more than your deductible sounds great, right? Some deductibles are $1000 or more, so it would be wonderful to have a new roof with nothing out of pocket. But what are the consequences?

First of all, the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ comes to mind. If one roofer is offering you a roof that is substantially less expensive than another through your deductible, then its likely a much cheaper quality roof. The roofer is going to make up the difference by hiring cheaper laborers who may be better suited to flipping hamburgers than installing your home’s first defense against the elements for decades to come. You can expect they will be using cheaper materials than their more expensive counterparts. Just because they show and tell you about nice expensive shingles, doesn’t mean they will actually put them on your roof. They may also try to scam the insurance company for more money than they quoted you. Any way you slice it, you will not be happy in the long term with a roof installed by Two Chucks in a Truck Full of Generic Shingles.

Second, law abiding ethical roofing companies are being outbid by the scammers and cheaters. Just on principle alone, homeowners should just say ‘no’. Let’s not reward law breakers to save a buck.

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The Existing Law and The Amendment

Amendment preventing free roof repair fraud

The existing law that has been in effect for over thirty years actually prohibits roofing companies from paying the deductible for homeowners. Because there was no real mechanism in the law for enforcement, the law was effectively ignored. But in 2019, Greg Abbott signed an amendment that eliminated a loophole – proof of payment of the deductible by the homeowner. From now on, your insurance company will likely require proof that the deductible payment is actually from the homeowner by means of a cancelled check, credit card statement of the like.

The state (and insurance companies) are hoping that this amendment will level the playing field, giving ethical roofers an equal footing by eliminating scammers from easily skirting the law. That’s good for all of us.

Our roofers and salesmen will never offer a free roof repair or a no deductible roof. We give honest, accurate estimates and work with your insurance company to get you the highest quality roof installed by expert roofers. You get a roof built with superior workmanship, highest quality materials, materials warranties from the manufacturer and workmanship warranties from our company.